Duel Fuel


As the name suggests Duel fuel is electric oven and Gas cooktop – the most popular choice, it offers the advantages of a multifunction oven for versatile oven cooking with the Gas cooktop a family favourite. It also offers you the most choices in style from Colonial as above to Modern Stainless steel, Colours and multiple ovens. Ranging for a 900mm from $1400 – $2000 to upper range at $2500 – $3500 right through to larger 1000mm – 1220mm from $4500 – $11000.

All Gas Upright

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Gas Oven and Gas cooktop are a great option for those who are getting short on for power or who just love the moist results that a gas oven can offer. Getting a bit short on for options in terms of brands but there is a couple of 900mm units from $1900 – $2400, along with a Smeg around $3600 in the upper bracket through to the range topping Bertazzoni and Falcon units in the $5600 – $8000 mark.

Bi - Energy


Bi -Energy is the best of both worlds offering gas on top with gas and electric ovens – so you can use as a gas oven for those succulent roasts and moist cakes and switch it to an electric oven for those crunchy biscuits and multiple level baking. Another reason may be if your area is prone to blackouts as you always have a plan B with these ovens. Only a few brands have this ability and they generally range from $2999 – $5600 still a very boutique option at this stage.

All Electric


All Electric uprights are becoming popular as a very easy to clean option in both Ceramic and Induction Hobs. They certainly add a sleek look to any kitchen and are a lot more cost effective than buying the equivalent inbuilt units. Now available in single 900mm as pictured above to multiple ovens up to 1100mm in size. Pricing Range for 900mm ceramic is $2000 to  $2800, Induction 900mm – $5000 to the larger units $6000 – $7000

Multiple Ovens


Available in Classic Styled units as above or Modern Stainless steel units, these are for those with large families or ones that just love to cook. The purpose in these is to offer ovens that are able to be used for different purposes ie. One oven for messy cooking and one for baking so as not to contaminate flavours or to be able to have a roast going at say 180 degrees while your vegetables are getting crunchy in the second oven at 210 degrees. As well as offering extra ovens and typically a separate grill these units also offer a very generous amount of space on top for multiple large pots to simmer and boil away. Available in 900mm to 1100mm with the favourite varieties being Falcon And Bertizzoni – pricing ranges from $5000 – $8000 pending size and features.



This brand deserves its own category as it is recognised as one of the most luxurious brands in the world – hailing from Northern Italy’s premier families who have been making ovens for over 130 years and if you request a colour they are painted in the factories of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ducati and Porche pending on your choice of colour. Amazing stoves both in build and performance favoured by Chef’s both local and international right through to celebrities – you may be thinking this means unaffordable but you may be surprised to know they range from $4790 – $6590 for 900mm through to $8790 for the 1220mm multiple oven in stainless steel with colours attracting an extra cost – all units also come with a 3 year warranty.