No Rangehood


How about this option first – the bora cooktop has a built in exhaust system which takes the air either through a charcoal filter and back into the room or ducted through the floor or wall. The ultimate option for those with no overhead cupboards, an island bench, or Cathedral ceilings –  why have an island canopy ruin a view. This revolutionary product was engineered by a German Cabinet maker who aspired to remove the odours and fats at the point that they are made ie the cooktop itself, this product received some of the highest Awards in all of Europe in 2012 – and continues to amaze. We are the only Regional Dealer to have a full working display, why not come and see it perform for yourself or see the Video Below.

Undermount Rangehood


From no range hood to the most popular option undermounts these units are high powered exhaust units that fit underneath the overhead cupboards with nothing showing from the front. They generally move anything from 500 cubic/hr (520mm – 700mm units) through to 760 cubic/hr (860 mm- 900mm) . Pricing wise these units range from our most popular budget model at $280 through to the Asko for those larger cooktops at $1099 right up to 1100mm twin fan 1850 cubic m/hr Miele – $2999.



These units are losing ground to undermounts but are still very effective, ranging from $250 for a 600mm unit (440 cubic m/hr) to larger bodied units with quieter operations from $450 – $800. 900mm units range from $390 right up to $1500 pending on noise and air movement.



The Fashion Parade of the Rangehood Industry – Don’t get me wrong probably the most effective units available with air movements ranging from 500 cubic m/hr right through to 2000 cubic m/hr, but these are very subjective units in terms of style. From traditional three flared canopy, Flat Top units, Curved glass, Sloping Glass, Flat Glass, low profile three flare, Island Canopy to Colonial style as pictured above. As you can imagine the prices range considerably, but a decent rangehood (ie quiet with good air movement) in  a 600mm range from $350 – $800, 900mm – $450 – $1000. Or the boutique unit similar to above in 900 – 1220mm $1790 – $2190. Island canopy is only available in 900mm and our best value one is $800 – $1800 right through to $3999 – $5899 for Miele.



A unique idea for those not wanting to obstruct the view, a couple of brands have developed these units generally with separate motors and with large air movements to cope with the distance from the job at hand. Schweigen, Sirius to Miele and the pricing of these units is in the vicinity of $3699 – $3999 in unit sizes of 1100 – 1200mm through to Miele’s 1100mm $5199.



These retractable rangehoods are available to us from Sirius which is a brand which specializes in rangehoods only – and Smeg and Miele in the more mainstream brands they are available in 580,880 – 1180 widths – keep in mind they are connected to remote motors which can be mounted either under the eave, wall or roof. Pricing is from $2999 – $4499 pending sizes and finish, air movements are from 1200 cubic m/hr to 2300 cubic m/hr.

Bora extractor demonstration - No Rangehood

Downdraft Extractor Demonstration