Normal fridge


What they refer to as Top mount fridges (ie : freezer on top). These units are available from all manufacturers ranging from Compacts which are 200 – 250l ($450 – $600), Medium size 300 – 400l ($650 – $900) up to large units 440 – 520l ($1000 – $1400). All units are frost free – so no defrosting necessary and selected units are available in left hand or right hand opening to suit your kitchen design. White is standard and Stainless steel is available in most models for usually $100 – $200 more.

Upside Down


Otherwise know as Bottom mount, as expected the freezer is at the bottom and generally the ratio is different on these offering larger freezers, and less bending for the day to day fridge access. A little more expensive and less popular in the smaller sizes as the fridge does get a bit pokey in 200 to 250 litre – so we tend to keep from 300 – 520 litre ($880 – $1350) with an additional $200 for stainless.

Side By Side


These units are a great Value item these days giving you huge capacities at a very reasonable price. A 600+ litre side by side can be as little as $1200 for white and $1300 for stainless through to 700 litre units for under $2000 from many popular brands. Ice and water is now available in either plumbed or no plumbing and ranges from $1700 – $2500.

French Door

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One of the quickest growing categories is French Door – with various Brands available the most popular being the Fisher Paykel with its flat door design water dispensed through the door and ice dispenser built into the freezer compartment. Some brands have swing out bottom doors others have twin drawers underneath the more conventional is as above which has one drawer with two levels inside for added convenience. Pricing varies considerably on these from $2000 – $3000 and they are only available in stainless steel.

Four Door

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Four doors are a new category which has the benefits of the French door for large platers but also a versatile freezer compartment that in some models allows the right hand side freezer to be converted to an extra fridge at the touch of a button. So in the summer months you can have a full width fridge up top and a smaller bar fridge size fridge below with the left hand side being the freezer – a great combination for entertaining. These units are from $2900 – $3300 pending size and features and mainly available in stainless with a couple of brands offering Black as well.


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Appealing to those who would like the kitchen cupboards to be the feature in the kitchen – these fridges are available in a variety of configurations and are able to be totally integrated into your kitchen cupboards. Pricing for say the Miele units $3299 for an all fridge to an upside down fridge $3499.