Air Conditioning


Split System

mitsubishi split tiny

As the name suggests this unit has an indoor unit (or Head) and an outdoor unit which contains the bulky and noisier parts of the air conditioner offering the best efficiency. As a Guide to pricing a bedroom unit (2.6kw) cost around 800 – $900 in a good brand, middle size unit (3.4kw to 5.2kw) 1000 – $1500 and larger units (7.0kw – 9.4kw) 1790 – $2650. Installation requires plumbing and electrical – hence it usually costs 800 – $1000 for a back to back.

Portable Air Conditioner


These units are available in a variety of sizes in cooling only or heat/cooling – well suited to those renting or looking for a portable option. As  a guide bedroom units (2.6kw) 400 – $500, middle size (3.5kw – 4.2kw) 600 – $800, large room varieties (5.0kw – 6.0kw) 900 – $1200. The major advantage of these units is self installation plugging into a normal power point, however they do have a 150mm round flexible pipe which needs to be put through a window to get rid of the heat, see diagram and explanation below.

Box/Window Air Conditioners


Generally used for replacement units – but still a cost effective solution with the added benefit of remote controls. Bedroom size (1.65kw – 2.65kw) 400 – $550, middle size (3.9kw – 5.0kw) 650 – $1050), larger unit 6.0kw – $1290. Installation by handy man/builder – with units in the larger category requiring an electrician.

Inverter ?


A term that is quite common now but may be new to you – in simple terms it is a variable speed compressor where the air conditioner after reaching temperature lowers its output from say 7kw – 4kw then maybe to 2kw instead of turning off, making it a lot more comfortable – no dramatic loss of heat or cool and secondly makes it a lot more efficient.

INSTALLATION – something to be handled by a professional as warranty will be voided if no certificate of compliance is supplied by the installer. keep in mind some of the new units are using a new type of gas which is flammable and requires installers to be trained in installing these type of units – these units are the most energy efficient.

Installation guide for portable units


Portable air conditioner diagram above indicates how a typical installation is made, it shows the window kit which comes with the unit allowing it to be used in both sash style windows or vertical sliding windows. Some units do have an inbuilt tank for the water taken out of the air and in very muggy conditions may be required to be emptied – some will indicate this and some may shut down if this is not done to save damage to carpet.

Window installation guide


The window or otherwise known as a box air conditioner is removeable from the outer casing allowing you to install the lightweight casing into the wall or window and then finally slide the heavy unit into place. The main area for concern is that the unit extends outside enough to expose the side air vents to the outside and also that it tilts down so as to drain away properly. The larger units can be quite heavy so this should be factored in when attaching it to any structure – and sometimes rear support is needed, either up to the eave or angled back to the house underneath.