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There are plenty of new idea’s in ovens ! – Hope this helps.

Steam Assist.


Steam Assist, Moisture plus & Steam Aid ?.

These are the buzz terms at the moment in the premium models from all the major brands, including Miele, Bosch, Neff to Beko. It gives you the benefit of adding bursts of steam for a moist roast, Cake or Bread. In ways replicating what gas ovens have provided for generations – but with all the benefits of electric, being  a crunchy biscuit base and numerous function options. Another Benefit of steam with Neff and Beko is that they use this function as a cleaning cycle to not only help clean the oven but also the dreaded wire racks – from our in store cooking experience we can vouch for the cleaning cycle, works a treat. Pricing for these types of ovens is generally in the $1800 – $2800 mark.

Pyrolytic Oven


Pyrolytic Ovens – A great oven for those that enjoy a fat splattering roast or pork with crackling but hate the after effects of having to clean the oven. These ovens are designed to have a cleaning cycle which takes the oven to a staggering 480 degrees for two and half hours obliterating all the food and oil from the oven cavity leaving you with a fine dust which when removed leaves you with a perfectly clean enamel interior. What most don’t realize is that this technology has been available for over 25 years – so is a proven technique. Some new features on a few brands now is the ability to leave in certain pyro proof racks and trays so it cleans them as well, just a quick note that pyrolytic ovens do not clean the glass, best to clean that before. These ovens range considerably in features and price with a basic Chinese Pyro $990 to middle range Australian/European $1490 to German quality at $2000 – $3000.

Catalytic Cleaning


Catalytic Oven liners – probably the oldest form of cleaning system, easily recognised as a typically light grey panel with a very rough textured feel to it which is on sides, rear. Can be either added later to some brands or included on others – it is nice to have these liners above the grill as this is probably the greasiest part of the oven. These liners spend their life absorbing oils and fats and then having them burnt off by putting the oven above 200 degrees, turning it into a fine dust which is then wiped off the floor. To give you an idea of cost – Westinghouse have back and side panels to suit there single ovens for approx. $80 a set – a worthy investment given that these liners can be removed years later to reveal a clean wall and rear. A catalytic cleaning oven is available for around $900 to $1500.

Single Oven


The biggest selling Category is 600mm single ovens with inbuilt grills, these used to be quite small in the early days – approx. 56 litres – where as now in that same size of 600mm x 600mm they are achieving 67 litre up to an amazing 94 litres. Miele set the bar quite a few years ago and still is one of the best capacity ovens on the market for fitting a great size roast with plenty of room for a tray of Vegetables above, effectively killing the market for a short trend of 700mm to 800mm ovens. If budgeting for a single oven expect to pay $700 – $900 for a decent oven, mid range with extra features $1000 – $1500, and German $1400 – $2500.

Wall Oven


Wall oven with separate grill , predominantly for the replacement market – available in Stainless, White, Gas or Electric. These units are slightly shorter than the ones they are replacing – so usually an infill in your cupboards is required, a small panel of stainless fitted above the unit, is a cheap and aesthetically pleasing way to fill the gap. Others consider replacing the unit with a single and oven and filling the gap with a microwave oven. Wall ovens start around $1100 for a fan forced electric, to a more featured unit for $1400 and Gas – $1800.

Double Oven


Double ovens – as the name suggests is two ovens with typically one smaller than the other, but is available in some brands as two full size ovens for those needing a huge cooking area. These ovens are usually packed with extras including telescopic runners, Self cleaning liners right through to Pyrolytic. Double ovens suit those either catering for large numbers or wanting to cook at two different temperatures – so roast and vegetables or main and dessert. Pricing of double ovens vary a lot due to features and brands – as a guide they start at $1800 to $2500 topping out with a double pyro at $3200 – $3800.

Some helpful advice – if you are replacing an existing oven – a picture is worth a thousand words so consider taking a photo of your old oven with your phone and bring that with you – it will help with features , style and also sizing.

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