miele washer

Front Load washers are the fastest growing category in the world today, the growing concern for water and power efficiency has put these machines on a pedestal. The European’s were early adopters of this technology which is the reason why nearly all our range is from this end of the world. The great thing about Europe being the home of front loaders is that they have machines that cater for any budget – we have 5.0kg Euromaid front loaders from $449 , Beko 7.0 – 10kg. from $600 – $1400, Asko 7.0 – 10kg.  $1299 – $2499 , Miele 7.0 – 10kg.  $1499 – $7499, something to suit every budget.


Yes, you can still buy a long lasting heavy duty top load washer. For those who are all about the easy access, easy maintenance Mack trucks of the washing machine market – we are the agents for Speed Queen washers and dryers from the good old U.S.A. – this brand has been making the same machines in Wisconsin for over 100 years mainly aimed at the commercial Laundromat market but is also available in domestic models. The 7.5kg machine is $2295 and have matching dryers in huge 9kg capacity in both Gas and Electric.


The more conventional top loaders also feature on our floor from the likes of Simpson, Fisher Paykel, Samsung, L.G, to Haier. A lot of great value in these machines from $398 – $598 for the 5.5kg machines through to the larger 7.5kg to 9.5kg ranging from $698 – $998 pending size and features.


Yes, Twin tubs are still available at Reilly’s – these 6kg twin tubs are a niche market that still has some fans in the rural area’s . Prior to Automatic machines these allow you to be washing on one side while spinning the clothes on the other , for those experienced with them they can be very fast and also extremely water efficient due the ability to re-use the wash water.


Washer/Dryer is a category we have never embraced in our store, as it usually consisted of large capacity Asian built units with excessive cycle times. However we are excited by the release of the European built Beko branded model, which is an 8kg washer/5kg dryer – it has the amazing 28min Everyday wash option, which combined with a more efficient air drying system and using considerably less water – certainly one to consider. This unit is selling at $1299 at the moment and is becoming a very popular option for those limited to space or holiday lets.


Front Load Washer stand

A commonly asked question would be if front load washing machines are so great then why is there still so many options ?. Front loaders do have a couple of drawbacks in certain types of houses. They are very heavy and can cause problems with vibration on timber floors without good support or those that are high off the ground and there are people who struggle to bend down. You can solve the second issue with a stand as pictured above but if you have old timber floors, particularly high off the ground you should be very careful in your selection.