Fully Integrated


Fully integrated are for those wishing to make the cupboards the feature in the kitchen giving you a seamless look. They come with no panel on the front , ready for your cabinet maker to fit one to suit your new kitchen. There is also a Miele model which allows for the ultimate in discreet finish, having a unique knock knock feature which opens the dishwasher without the need for any handles.

Semi - integrated


Semi – integrated gives you the seamless cupboard lines with the benefit of an exposed control panel for convenience. Available in predominantly European manufacturers such as Miele, Bosch, Smeg and Asko – this is a great option for a new kitchen and is usually only $100 dearer than inbuilt – due to stronger hinges to counter the weight of your own door panel.



Freestanding can be put under a bench – but keep in mind that it will sit forward of your cupboards on the top and also the kicker (bottom panel). Was originally designed to sit beside kitchen cupboards coming with its own worktop comes in White or Stainless finish.

in-built Dishwashers


These dishwashers are designed to offer you a set back kick plate to match your existing kicker and height adjustable legs to meet your bench for a more integrated look than a freestanding dishwasher.

XXXL Dishwashers


A few manufacturers are now offering XXXL units which offer extra room internally to allow for large serving platters or long stem glassware. Be aware that kitchen height is normally 900mm to the top of the bench and these units are typically 850mm high so they will not fit under extremely thick bench tops or thick flooring.

Space saving Dishwashers


If the kitchen wasn’t designed with a dishwasher in mind or if there is only a couple of people in the household, maybe a 45 cm or Single Dishdrawer is something you should consider. Both offer an option that is efficient on both power and water, the 45cm option gives you exactly the same height as a normal dishwasher – available from Bosch, Smeg and Miele to Haier.  The dishdrawer is unique to Fisher Paykel and now available in two heights to suit long stemmed glasses.

Guide to dishwasher pricing.

A quick summary of what a dishwasher is worth in the current market for those doing a budget for a kitchen renovation. An entry level dishwasher – $450 (white) – $500 (stainless) Chinese built, middle brand European built – say Dishlex, Bosch, Beko, to Westinghouse – $550 to $800. Bosch have premium range german built units from $1000 – $1500 and Beko have a premium cutlery drawer model for under $1000 which is very popular as it is very quiet and well featured. Miele deserve their own category as they have one of the largest ranges – from $1399 – $4999 including every option from freestanding, built under, semi integrated, fully integrated to a professional series semi integrated which has a twenty minute wash and connects to 25amp circuit. All these brands have specials and bonuses at various times so this is just a general guide – I hope this helps in the planning.

How to load your Miele Dishwasher