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Reillys Home Appliances, 119- 121 Mitchell Street, Bendigo VIC 3550            Ph : 03 54421355 , Email :

We are the Reilly’s – a Second Generation Family Owned Retailer located in Country Victoria in the City of Bendigo. Our parents Kevin (Dec. 2015) & Marlene Reilly started the business on the 1st August 1981 in our previous site which was the corner of Hargreaves and Mundy Street, Bendigo. My brother and I joined the business shortly after it began – expanding to its current site where we proudly display one of country Victoria’s largest range of whitegoods, specializing in Cooking Appliances from the world’s best brands. The business was originally a mum and dad store expanding as the years progressed to 3, 5, to 8 staff currently we have ten staff. Over that time we saw it all from Commodore 64’s to colour television replacing the old black and whites (two channels to choose from chanel 10 and the abc at the time) – Bendigo and the world has changed a great deal. Australia is now the flavour of choice for Brands from Europe looking to Expand – and a lot of these are looking for partners outside of the normal chain store such as ourselves to get their product to market. We have a unique mix of mainstream brands to one’s you may never have heard of, rest assured we do research all our partners and make sure backup is available in the area before we even entertain putting them on our floor.

A commonly asked question we get from time to time is how do we compete with the larger stores that offer web prices, Catalogues and constant stream of weekend and four day sales ?

Well the answer to that would be – Yes we do compete with them – every day. So far we have survived by making sure we are competitively priced every day – the buying power of the larger stores is typically better that our own but our overheads are a lot lower, we are fortunate enough to own our own building , we do our own marketing (including this website) we do not operate seven days a week so we don’t pay penalty rates (more importantly – you don’t pay penalty rates in the pricing).

So what do you offer that the big guys don’t – why should you shop with us ?

Our stock is unique – you can enter a chain store in any state and the store layout , products displayed and featured brands will be identical. This is the concept of a chain store, we are what is known as an independant store – we are part of a national buying group which gives us the power to buy from all the brands direct – the same as a chain store, but we are not told what to stock so we can deal with other brands that offer unique products that we like. Maybe you will like them too ? Apart from this we can offer you good old fashioned service and staff that actually enjoy their job, as they still have a life outside of the store due to us not working on Sundays.   thanks so much if you made it to this end of the story so far and please if you ever in the Bendigo area why not drop in and see whether we live up to the hype.   kind regards   Glenn_Dean_Logo_051213 Glenn & Dean Reilly  

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